May 2020 – Banksia

KINGDOM: Plantae

FAMILY:  Proteaceae

GENUS: Banksia

The family name gives it away. Our beautiful banksias are part of the protea family. Banksias grow as trees or woody shrubs. Trees of the largest species, B. integrifolia (coast banksia) and B. seminuda (river banksia), often grow over 15 metres tall, some even grow to standing 30 metres tall. [1} Banksia species that grow as shrubs are usually erect, but there are several species that are prostrate, with branches that grow on or below the soil.

The leaves of Banksia vary greatly between species. Sizes vary from the narrow, 1-1 1/2 centimetre long needle-like leaves of B. ericifolia  (heath-leaved banksia), to the very large leaves of B. grandis (bull banksia), which may be up to 45 centimetres long.

Thanks Wikipedia and Sue Young

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