Hints and Tips

Critter Tips


Housefly Musca domestica The housefly is a fly of the suborder Cyclorrhapha. They are able to move their wings 200 times per second and can fly at

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Beneficial Predators

Sun Tzu advocated in ‘The Art of War‘ the best line of defence is attack. This adage has not only been proven to be relevant

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Birds in Our Backyard

Our yard here on the Coffs Coast sees many bird visitors. They are a constant delight to observe. Some are more welcome than others so

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Snail Siesta?

Recently a magazine article intrigued me……. apparently during extended dry periods there are some critters who shut themselves down to survive. This is called aestivation

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Brown Lace Lerp

The Brown Lace Lerp is an oval, flat and soft 4mm long critter. Their wings are transparent with a wing-span of 6mm. Brown Lace Lerp

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Gardening Tips

Fallen Leaves

How can I use fallen leaves? At this time of year (early winter) we might have some fallen leaves that can be put to good

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Pruning Crepe Myrtles

On the Coffs Coast there are few autumnal trees/shrubs which is perhaps why Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) hold such swathe in our gardens here. By

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Japanese Sunflower

Currently (late May) there are abundant yellow flowers growing up the steep slopes where banana plantations at Korora and other places along the Coffs Coast.

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Australian Native Plants

Grevillea Scarlet Moon If you are looking for good, solid information about Australian Natives, the Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd is the place to go.

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Tips for the Spring Garden Comp

Everything is Set to GO!

All entries processed – Tick Judge’s books prepared – Tick Steward and Driver packs prepared – Tick Sequence Order worked out – Tick Secret Valley

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Paper Entry form to download

The paper entry form will be available from 25 July at local nurseries, the Botanic Garden, and Woolgoolga Seniors however, feel free to download your

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