Hints and Tips

Critter Tips

Rutherglen Bug & Cluster Bug

Rutherglen bug (Nysius vinitor) and Grey Cluster bug (Nysius clevelandensis) are both native species that can migrate into crops and gardens in very large numbers in favourable conditions. The

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Bean Fly

The adult Bean Fly is a shiny black fly about 3.5mm long, larvae are cream with dark mouthparts and grow to 3mm long and the

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Assassin Bug

Assassin bugs get their name from their predatory habits. Gardeners consider them beneficial insects, because their voracious appetites for other bugs keeps pests under control.

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Gardening Tips

Hay Bale Gardening

There are many expert gardeners who extol the virtues of using hay bales for the garden. There are many benefits of using them – especially

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Salvinia molesta

This South American perennial free floating aquatic fern with slender stems, floating leaves and a root-like structure forms dense mats with multi-branched horizontal stems. Individual

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Miconia calvescens

Doesn’t this plant look gorgeous? This is Miconia, the velvet tree or bush currant and is a species of flowering plant from the Melastomataceae family.

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Japanese Sunflower

Currently (late May) there are abundant yellow flowers growing up the steep slopes where banana plantations at Korora and other places along the Coffs Coast.

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Even though our spring garden competition is in recess, we hope that the following tips may be useful for anyone wanting to have their garden in absolutely tip top shape.

What Judges Look For

image Simon Young Judges are individual and have their own ideas of what makes a good competition garden. However there are some general guidelines on

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