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Critter Tips

End of life for this Cicada

Joy Yacoub-Weissflog has written:My apologies that I don’t know anything about Joy Yacoub-Weissflog but her writing was just so good I had to share it. Begin

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Rutherglen Bug & Cluster Bug

Rutherglen bug (Nysius vinitor) and Grey Cluster bug (Nysius clevelandensis) are both native species that can migrate into crops and gardens in very large numbers in favourable conditions. The

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Bean Fly

The adult Bean Fly is a shiny black fly about 3.5mm long, larvae are cream with dark mouthparts and grow to 3mm long and the

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Gardening Tips

No Dig Garden

When space is limited, or your soil is really compacted or you are renting and a vegetable garden is on your ‘wish’ list than this

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Please Don’t Grow Me

For further information about weeds of the North Coast please refer to this booklet – Link for the above publication. The real cost of weeds to

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Hay Bale Gardening

There are many expert gardeners who extol the virtues of using hay bales for the garden. There are many benefits of using them – especially

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Even though our spring garden competition is in recess, we hope that the following tips may be useful for anyone wanting to have their garden in absolutely tip top shape.

What Judges Look For

image Simon Young Judges are individual and have their own ideas of what makes a good competition garden. However there are some general guidelines on

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