About the competition table: This is an opportunity for our members to display their beautiful blooms, potted plants, fruits and vegetables at our monthly meetings AND go into the running for prizes at the end of the year.  There are two CHGC members who volunteer to judge this monthly competition. After the November meeting all cumulative points are processed to find 1st, 2nd and 3rd place-getters. There is also a random prize draw for anyone who has tabled exhibits over the year.

    • Entry is FREE
    • There are bottles provided but you may want to bring your entries already in bottles – this saves time! But please be mindful not to bring anything too precious as sometimes accidents do happen.
    • You can have as many or as few entries as you wish in each category.
    • After signing the attendance book (for insurance purposes) there will be a Competition Table book for you to enter your name into (we use this record for a random prize draw).
    • Place your entries in the relevant categories.
    • Write your name on a post it note and place this either on or near your exhibit (do this for ALL your entries).
    • If you are concerned about what category to place your specimen, just ask any of the members who regularly have entries on the Table, or Margaret who does the judging.
    • The Royal Horticultural Society of NSW Judging Standards and Guidelines for Horticultural Competitions and Exhibitions have been used in drawing up this list and their judging.

Competition Table Categories

Single Specimen list:

Only one cut or stem is required for the following categories:

Bulb, Corm or Rhizome
Cut Flower single
Flower of the Month
Flowering Shrub
Rose, Hybrid Tea/Mini/Multi stem
Vine or Climber

Bunch/Collection list:

Cut Flowers, Bunch (same flower, 5 or more cuts)
Cut Flowers, collection (different flowers, 5 or more cuts)
Herbs, Bunch single variety (5 or more cuts)
Herbs, collection (more than 3 different herbs)


Cacti or Succulent
Flowering Pot Plant
Non-flowering Pot Plant

Fruit & Vegetables:

Fruit, small (3 pieces), Large (1 piece)
Vegetable, small (x 3), Large (x1)
Leaves, bunch (x 5)
Vegetables, Collection (more than 3 varieties)

Most Interesting Plant:

This may be anything which you consider the membership might find interesting.

Floral Art:

Bench space allowed less than 30cm.