May 2020 – Banksia

KINGDOM: Plantae FAMILY:  Proteaceae GENUS: Banksia The family name gives it away. Our beautiful banksias are part of the protea family. Banksias grow as trees or woody shrubs. Trees of the largest species, B. integrifolia (coast banksia) and B. seminuda (river banksia), often grow over 15 metres tall, some even grow to standing 30 metres tall. [1} […]

April 2020 – Plectranthus

KINDOM:  Plantae ORDER:  Lamiales FAMILY: Lamiaceae SUBFAMILY: Nepetoideae GENUS: Plectranthus This family of 350 diverse foliage plants includes coleus, Swedish ivy, and Cuban oregano. Many species of Plectranthus have fragrant foliage, like their close relative the mint family. While some smell pleasant, others have a much more pungent scent when crushed. The blooms of Plectranthus […]

Flower of the month for 2020

January – Fuchsia, February – Rudbeckia, March – Camellia Sasanqua, April – Plectranthus, May – Banksia, June – Grevillea, July – Kalanchoe, August – Kangaroo Paw, September – Rose, October – Geranium, November – Petunia

March 2020 – Sasanqua Camellia

Flower of the month – March 2020 KINGDOM:  Plantae ORDER:  Ericales FAMILY:  Theaceae GENUS:  Camellia SPECIES:  C. sasanqua There are over 180 other species of camellia – and include the tea camellia – C. sinensis (all the world’s tea – black and green – comes from plantations of Camellia sinensis). Camellias are evergreen shrubs mostly with dark green slightly […]

February 2020 – Rudbeckia

KINGDOM:  Plantae FAMILY:  Asteraceae GENUS:  Rudbeckia Rudbeckia is a plant genus in the Asteraceae family. Rudbeckia flowers feature a prominent, raised central disc in black, brown shades of green, and in-between tones, giving rise to their familiar common names of coneflowers and black-eyed-susans. Rudbeckia is a genus made up of 23 species, which may be […]

January 2020 – Fuchsia

Flower of the Month – January 2020 KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER:  Myrtales FAMILY: Onagraceae GENUS: various Fuchsia can be grown in all parts of eastern and southern parts of Australia and some areas of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The wild fuchsia of Ireland’s hedgerows, especially those of the west of Ireland, is famous and has […]

October 2019 – Daylily

KINGDOM: PlantaeFAMILY: Hemerocallidaceae (hem err ohh kalahh DAY see eye)GENUS: Hemerocallis The daylily’s botanical name, Hemerocallis, means ‘beauty for a day’, and indeed most daylily flowers open in the morning and die by nightfall. However, each flower stem (also called a scape) typically has at least a dozen flower buds, so the plant stays in […]