Dindymus versicolor – Harlequin Bug

A CHGC member came to an outing armed with images of this rather pretty critter and wanted to know what it was – the answer….. it’s a bad guy, commonly known as Harlequin Bug, Dindymus versicolor and can really wreck havoc on succulent new growth, in this particular case, our member’s broadbeans. Sometimes these insects are […]

Cat’s Claw Creeper – Invasive Weed

Cat’s claw creeper is yet another escapee from the garden. This plant was introduced to Australia as a garden plant and has become a major weed of native forests of Australia. Its vigorous, climbing, woody stems cling to tree trunks, enabling it to grow into the forest canopy. It can grow in excess of 30 […]

Vireya Specialist Grower Next Speaker

To think that we have such a knowledgeable grower of these beautiful subtropical plants right on our doorstep! Local Woolgoolga Vireya Rhododendron grower Neil Puddey is our Guest Speaker at the 21 August 2021 Coffs Garden Club meeting and very excited we are too. Neil will tell us about his journey from growing something he […]

Members Take the Chill Off

Coffs Harbour Garden Club this winter looked for a community engagement activity which could benefit the Coffs Coast community. With the winter slow down happening in gardening, it was decided that members could get cracking on an indoor pursuit. A beanie making competition with a horticultural theme got the tick and after judging, the beanies […]

August 2021 – Wattle

KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER: Fabales FAMILY: Fabaceae TRIBE: Acacieae GENUS: Acacia Acacia, commonly known as wattles is a large genus of shrubs and trees which is mainly native to Australia, New Guinea and Indonesia.  There are over 900 species and there would most probably be an acacia in flower during every month of the year somewhere […]

STOP PRESS – Outing Day Change

Outing Tuesday 27 July 2021 We have to change the outing day this month so we can visit the Woolgoolga Gallery’s Exhibition ‘Birds Bees Flowers Trees’. As the exhibition is closing on the 27th and just had to bring our outing forward by two days so we could visit this exhibition. The outing will kick […]

Woopi Gallery Exhibition

It was indeed all about Birds Bees Flowers Trees at Woolgoolga Gallery for the judging of the exhibition, Friday 2 July 2021. Coffs Harbour Garden Club were asked by the Gallery committee to assist with the judging of the exhibition. Club Member Awia stepped up enthusiastically to participate in the judging. ‘It was a lovely […]

Glycphana Stolata – Brown Flower Beetle

Commonly known as the Brown Flower Beetle, Glycyphana stolata is a good guy in that he assist with pollination. I was deadheading my roses this morning and came across this critter on a Seduction rose, so snipped off the flower, shoved it into a plastic bag so identification could be done later. Gave this investigative duty to hubby who […]

Lantana – Invasive Weed

Lantana could perhaps be described as being Australia’s most debilitating invasive introduced weed. This shrub is native to Central and South America and readily grows into thickets. An ornamental garden plant, introduced into Australia around the 1840s, it quickly escaped domestic cultivation and within twenty (yes, 20) was established in the wild. By this time […]