Cutting Flowers for a Vase

Flowers can say it all – ‘Get Well’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Thinking of you’ etc etc these sentiments are expressed eloquently just by extending a blooming bundle of flowers. In this post there will be mention of cutting, preparation, storing and day-to-day care of cut flowers. If we grow these flowers it is a […]

What’s in those little sachets?

Ever wanted to know what’s in those little packets that are often included in quality cut flower bunches? AND do they make a difference to the longevity of your cut flowers? Recently I was given some beautiful cut flowers (like many other Mums for Mothers Day) with the flowers presented as a bunch and attached […]

Garden Clubs of Australia Convention 2021

The Garden Clubs of Australia Biannual Conference will be held in Townsville, 12-16 September 2021. Full Convention details, including Program, Venues, Accommodation, Activities etc can be found at and the GCA facebook page from June 2020. “

Crop Rotation

Garden Clubs of Australia Committee Member, John Kitt has sent an informative and educational ‘lesson’ on crop rotation in our veggie patches.

Pest Alert for Lilly Pilly Hedges

This is a repeat of an article written on the Coffs Harbour Garden Club’s blog some time ago. It has always generated a lot of comment and interest. The latest advice is for a Yates product – Baythroid. You can see product reviews here where some claim success. What has to be taken into account […]

Nursery Reopening for Sales

Secret Valley Nursery at 58 River Street, Woolgoolga will be reopening again on Mon 25 May for plant sales at that location. Sylvia and Simon are also selling their plants online. To visit their website, click here. Their full contact details can be seen on the website.

May 2020 – Banksia

KINGDOM: Plantae FAMILY:  Proteaceae GENUS: Banksia The family name gives it away. Our beautiful banksias are part of the protea family. Banksias grow as trees or woody shrubs. Trees of the largest species, B. integrifolia (coast banksia) and B. seminuda (river banksia), often grow over 15 metres tall, some even grow to standing 30 metres tall. [1} […]

Common Citrus Problems

A few guidelines for good citrus health with some organic remedies:   Keep an eye out for Bronze Orange Bugs – they often give away their presence by their foul smell. The young pale green nymphs appear in winter, their colour changing through orange to bronze as they grow into adults. They can be serious […]