Time to Party !

Where: We have arranged for our end of year Christmas Party to be held at The Greenhouse Tavern again.  When: Monday 6 December 2021 Time: noon for a 12:30 kick off RSVP: President Margaret and mention if you have any dietary requirements. Payment: Required at the November meeting or online no later than close of business Tues 23 […]

Bunnings Fundraising BBQ

CHGC have upcoming fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Coffs on Sunday 14 November 2021. Check out the club newsletter for contact details to volunteer sometime during the day.

November 2021 – November Lily

KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER: Lillales FAMILY: Lillaceae SUBFAMILY: Lilloideae TRIBEa: Lilleae GENUS: Lillium Lillium longiflorum are known by different names, depending on where you are in the world. The northern hemisphere call them as Easter Lilies but here in Australia they are call either November or Christmas lilies. They are a native of Southern Japan and […]

Armidale Trip 12 Nov 2021 CANCELLED

Coffs Harbour Garden Club President, Margaret Hunt has organised a day trip to Armidale to visit some gorgeous gardens on 12 November 2021. There are still some places left for this trip. The bus will have pick up points from Woolgoolga, Moonee Beach Marketplace and the Botanic Garden Coffs. The trip will include a visit […]

Nutgrass – A Toughie to Crack

his weed will crack you if you don’t crack it….. Cyperus rotundas aka nutgrass is the bane of gardeners worldwide. It has various names – Java grass, purple nut sedge, Wintjiekweed or red grass, red nut sedge, Khmer kravanh chruk, Teki and Motha to name a few. This weed is actually referred to as being ‘the world’s […]

Assassin Bug

Assassin bugs get their name from their predatory habits. Gardeners consider them beneficial insects, because their voracious appetites for other bugs keeps pests under control.     They are also known as Bee-killers because one of their favourite prey is the honey bee – actually they will feed on any insects that they can catch! […]

October 2021 – Waratah

KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER: Proteales FAMILY: Proteaceae SUBFAMILY: Grevilleoideae TRIBE: Embothrieae GENUS: Telopea Waratah is an Australian-endemic genus of five species of large shrubs or small trees, native to the southeastern parts of Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. The most well-known species in this genus if Telopea speciosissima which has bright red flowers and is the NSW […]

Extra Special Outing – 23 Sep

The goal posts have moved yet again @ 11am today 16 September, so I am updating my original post about this outing. A planned visit to this incredible garden was unfortunately cancelled due to the stay at home COVID restrictions recently.  It is with much excitement that garden visitation has been rescheduled – albeit with […]

We’re A Goer!

Good news folks! Our regular monthly meeting for this month will proceed as usual, Saturday 18 September 2021, commencing at 1:30pm. Usual COVID safe practices in place of course, so we will be limited by 25 people who are permitted to attend. If you have any contributions to either the Trading Table or the Competition […]

How to Prune a Pawpaw

The best time to prune is late winter or early spring, when the tree is dormant.. Corrective pruning consists of removing broken, interfering, dead, or diseased branches. Since pawpaw fruit is produced on new growth, annual pruning will stimulate new growth on older trees. The following advice for this post has been sourced from Gardening Australia January 2019 issue.  Phil Dudman suggests the […]