May 2021 – Banksia

image Karlo Taliana from Australian Plants Society NSW KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER: Proteales FAMILY: Proteaceae TRIBE: Bansieae GENUS: Banksia The Proteaceae family has around 170 species and Banksia is one of those. These Australian natives are easily recognised by their characteristic flower spikes and fruiting ‘cones’. They range in size from prostrate woody shrubs to trees […]

Your Passionfruit Vine is NOT very passionate?

Passionfruit vines are a bit like lemons – everyone who has a patch of garden ‘out the back’ would like to have them both growing. Imagery of these wondrous plants can often outstrip actuality – lemons seem to get every conceivable thing wrong with them including citrus canker, greasy spot fungus, sooty mold, phytophthora root […]

Beneficial Predators

Sun Tzu advocated in ‘The Art of War‘ the best line of defence is attack. This adage has not only been proven to be relevant in Eastern and Western military thinking, legal strategy and business tactics etc, but it could also be an effective method in the management of pests in the garden. What is […]

It’s All Awash – Outing Cancelled

The planned outing for Thursday 25 March has been CANCELLED – the gardens are all awash. Hopefully we will be able to organise a visit to these two gardens some other time when there is NOT a significant rain event happening!

Beehive Ginger – Zingiber spectabile

Beehive ginger (Zingiber spectablis) are a species of ornamental ginger cultivated primarily for their distinctive appearance. Most people are familiar with edible ginger (Zingiber officinale) but it is only one of hundreds of the Zingiberaceae family. These colourful and exotically stunning flowers instantly add a dash of the tropics to any room or garden. Beehive […]

April 2021 – Beehive Ginger

KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER: Zingiberales FAMILY: Zingiberaceae GENUS: Zingiber SPECIES: Z. spectabile   Zingiber spectabile is a species of true ginger which is native to Southeast Asia. Beehive ginger plants require medium to filtered sunlight (direct sunlight can burn the leaves) and either plenty of space in the garden, or a very large container. Keep the […]

Exhibiting hints for Regional Shows and Competition Table at meetings

The Coffs Harbour Show is coming up 30th April – 2 May and CHGC Member Ruth is going to present some hints and tips for exhibiting at this Regional Show. For further information about show sections and classes please visit here.  Ruth will give guidelines on placing exhibits on our monthly competition table too. If […]

March Outing Deets

The March outing is on Thursday the 25th and it is going to be a visit to the north of the area at Red Rock and Corindi. If you require a lift please contact either President Margaret or Treasurer Maria (contact numbers can be found at the bottom of each page on our website  […]

Birds in Our Backyard

Our yard here on the Coffs Coast sees many bird visitors. They are a constant delight to observe. Some are more welcome than others so I guess we need to plant species that attract the birds that we’d most like to see. The following YouTube clip from Brad Walker has quite a few birds that […]

Joan’s Tools

New member Joan brought her favourite tools to the February meeting as part of a new segment at our meetings – Member talks on anything garden related. Joan pointed out that you don’t necessarily have to spend a zillion $ on tools. She suggested to just check out the bargain bins and you might well […]