President Margaret has advised the membership that if we are to continue as a club it is vital that key positions are filled at the 20 November AGM.

Margaret is happy to stand again for election as President, but was also prepared to step aside if others wished to put their hand up.

We are still looking for a Secretary.

We’re still looking for a Treasurer/Public Officer, without which the club would not be able to operate. Margaret emphasized that a simple accounting system is already in place and that anyone with basic knowledge of spreadsheets could use it. Alternatively, people were welcome to revert to a paper based system if they so wished. Margaret also noted that the role was not as intense without the Spring Garden Competition.

The Vice President position will also be vacant.

Please give careful consideration to the above Executive positions as they must be filled.

There are many other roles which assist in the smooth running of our club too – if you require any information please call President Margaret, Geoff or Maria Bell – their contact details can be found at the bottom of the home page of this site or in the club newsletter. 

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