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Massive Plant Sale

1A York Street, Coffs Harbour Sat 1 Feb and Sun 2 Febuary 2020 8:00am – 4:00pm each day or until sold out This sale features a dedicated and passionate propagator’s collection with 100s of potted plants including orchids, veggies, herbs, succulents, ornamentals and much, much more.  Prices range from $2 – $20 Also there is…

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Vale Ben Swane

Ben Swane is affectionately know as ‘The Legend’ within Horticultural circles and deservedly so. He is so inured with all things horticultural that even as a young fella he had his fingers in the dirt. Ben’s Dad said he could use some land for whatever purpose he wished and so the young lad started growing…

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January Meeting Speaker

Australia has around 1600 species of native bees and Past President Sue is going to do a short segment on just one of of those – the Great Carpenter Bee. These bees are found in tropical and subtropical areas of Australia and are what we know as buzz pollinators – that is they vibrate the…

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Epiphyllum “Queen of the Night Cactus”

These came out last night about 100 flowers. They opened about 9.30pm. Oh the perfume!
Had about 32 the night before. It was 10.30pm before they opened.

They usually flower from October to March about every 3 weeks.

Thanks for sharing Robyne.

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Trading Table at meetings

Vale Jim Baldi – an enormous contributor to the Club’s meeting Trading Table. Jim joined the Coffs Garden Club in 2006 and the Trading Table was ‘his thing’. He dutifully sat beside it so he could keep an eye on things and also answer any questions members may have. He struggled in each meeting with…

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Flower of the Month – January 2020 KINGDOM: Plantae ORDER:  Myrtales FAMILY: Onagraceae GENUS: various Fuchsia can be grown in all parts of eastern and southern parts of Australia and some areas of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The wild fuchsia of Ireland’s hedgerows, especially those of the west of Ireland, is famous and has…

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A member of the superfamily Aphidoidea Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects 2-4mm long. They often cluster on fresh young shoots and flower buds or even underneath older leaves. Aphids come in a range of colours – from light olive green and pinkish to dark green and black. In more temperate climates and especially in protected…

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