2020 Spring Garden Competition

Due to the COVID-19 ramifications the Spring Garden Competition has been suspended. If life as we knew it returns in enough time, Coffs Harbour Garden Club will conduct some sort of competition if time allows. The best thing we can do for the moment is get out and enjoy our gardens!

The 2020 Spring Garden Competition will be launched the last Saturday in July (25th) when the categories will be announced. Coffs Harbour Garden Club have organised an out of area Residential/Industrial/Commercial judge who is really looking forward to seeing what the Coffs Coast has to offer in good gardening principles.

Entries will close the FIRST Friday in September (4th) with judging 13-15 September 2020 throughout the whole greater Coffs Harbour Council Area.

There will be a Schools competition judged 13-15 September for whole school gardens, native gardens and vegetable garden on school property. However it has to be noted that the Schools’ vegie growing competition will be judged earlier (date to be fixed). All schools will be invited to participate in this little competition the vegie/herb has yet to be decided for this competition. In the past we’ve had fun with Rosy Red Radishes, Grow Peas Please, Popeye Spinach, Snowpea Teepee, Rocket Launch, Curley Kale and Perfect Pollinators to name some – the committee will have to really work hard to come up with something for this year’s competition.