All Entrant and New Entrant Draws

The All Entrant Draw was conducted Saturday Night by Residential Judge Phyllis Hoy (R) and assisted by Coffs Garden Club’s Vice President Margaret Crawley. The winners were Barbara & Henk Schenkel, Coffs Harbour. The New Entrant Draw also happened Saturday night and the winner of that draw was Lennie Brading from Corindi.  Congratulations to the […]

Everything is Set to GO!

All entries processed – Tick Judge’s books prepared – Tick Steward and Driver packs prepared – Tick Sequence Order worked out – Tick Secret Valley Plants Voucher, Seeds and In Appreciation Certificate bundled – Tick All Entrant Draw prepared – Tick New Entrant Draw prepared – Tick Pencils sharpened – Tick Everything is set for […]

Paper Entry form to download

The paper entry form will be available from 25 July at local nurseries, the Botanic Garden, and Woolgoolga Seniors however, feel free to download your own copy.

Some tips for the Spring Garden Competition

A Little About the Comp and Some Hints Each September, the Coffs Garden Club conduct a garden competition for home owners, renters, commercial/industrial properties and WaterWise gardens. There are many different categories in this competition and there is bound to be one suitable for most folk. The competition is usually launched the last Saturday in […]

Major point of consideration in Judging – Garden Design

image Margaret Hunt Please don’t be ‘put off’ by all this information about points of consideration in judging a garden. Rather, treat it as background knowledge to various elements found in a garden, which are subliminal and most probably you’ve  unwittingly used them in your garden anyway. Your garden is your haven and primarily used […]

Major point of consideration in judging – Lawn or Substitute

image Jeannine Young Always a bit tricky this aspect of judging. Lawn is fairly easy to assess, it should be neatly presented – mown (but not just before the judge walks through your gate), edges trimmed and be in excellent health (see image above of a very well presented lawn). Substitute is a little bit […]

Major point of consideration in judging – General Appeal

image Maria Bell General Appeal – your garden obviously brings you much joy and the overall appeal of the garden space should be inviting for the visitor too. Achieving that harmony is a difficult, exciting and sometimes bewildering task with such diversity in plants available these days. It can also be fun to see what […]

Major point of consideration in judging – Selection and Condition of Plants

Selection and Condition of Plants – When choosing new plants for your garden a combination and variety of plants have to be chosen for their compatibility bearing in mind the use of colour, form and variety with repetition. Accents and focal points serve to make a garden more interesting, so selection has to be a […]

What Judges Look For

image Simon Young Judges are individual and have their own ideas of what makes a good competition garden. However there are some general guidelines on what most judges look for: Garden Design – generally the artistic principles to your garden. Aspects such as layout, colour, use of line, form and texture are important. Your garden […]

2020 Spring Garden Competition

COVID lockdown has given gardeners in the greater Coffs Harbour Council Area the freedom to spend more time in their gardens. With this in mind, the Garden Club Executive thought it a heaven-sent opportunity to still conduct the Spring Garden Competition. There may be changes to the prize pool as you can fully understand. Our […]