January 2021 – Salvia

Salvia is perhaps the one plant genus we really need at the moment! The name salvia comes from the Latin word salveo ‘to heal’ and healing is just is needed in this COVID world now.

There is no shortage of choice, with more than 900 species in the Salvia genus as well as many hybrids and cultivars. You’ll find myriad colours and a salvia for anyt type of garden, including pots if you prefer. The genus encompasses annuals, biennials, perennials, shrubs and sub-shrubs. Salvias flower for an extended period and are generally fairly free from pests and diseases. Most however, prefer full sun and well-drained soil but there are some that perform well in partial shade.

If you would like to see some lovely images and more information, you can visit a UK site robinssalvias.com 


FAMILY Lamiaceae
GENUS Salvia
SPECIES Hundreds

Salvia officinalis is common sage that we love so much with chicken and salvia splendens is that red Bunnings annual salvia that self seeds so well you only ever have to buy it once.

The perennial salvias which come every colour possible and grow so well in Coffs have an added benefit – they attract some interesting bees.

Bring along your favourite for the competition table on Saturday 16 January 2021.     Thanks Sue



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