January 2020 – Fuchsia

Flower of the Month - January 2020

KINGDOM: Plantae

ORDER:  Myrtales

FAMILY: Onagraceae

GENUS: various

Fuchsia can be grown in all parts of eastern and southern parts of Australia and some areas of Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The wild fuchsia of Ireland’s hedgerows, especially those of the west of Ireland, is famous and has featured on many a tourist brochure. This is Fuchsia magellanica ‘Riccartonii‘ and originates from Chile and Argentina, often not very appreciated by the locals but loved by tourists.

Fuchsia are excellent grown direct in the garden, pots or hanging baskets. They will give many years of pleasure with a little maintenance. 

If you are a child, there are three obvious things to do with fuchsia flowers – one, gently pop open the inflated buds to reveal the petals inside, two, remove the stigma and six of the eight stamens to make a pin-headed ballerina doll and three, send her to the guillotine and suck the sweet nectar from her neck – our children did all three much to the disgust of their grandfather!

Fuchsia originate from the rainforests of South America and have been cultivateed into over 5,000 varieties! They have the most gorgeous colours and seem to have an infinite number of combinations, sizes and forms and they flower for an extended period.

Most fuchsias prefer a semi-shaded aspect, morning sun, afternoon shade, underneath trees with filtered sun. If they are planted in dense shade they will grow very leggy and produce very few flowers. Too much sun will burn the foliage and flowers. Soil should be free draining, free of clay and rich in nutrients such as animal manures or blood and bone.

A tip from a relative of ours – take plenty of tip cuttings and strike them – that way you’ve a handy supply if there is a Fuchsia demise. 

If you’d like more information please visit Brenlissa Online Nursery and they can assist you with any questions.

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