Passionvine Hopper – Scolypopa australis

Pictured left – This is a native planthopper of eastern Australia. Adult hoppers are about 10mm long with mottled brown triangular wings.

Nymphs (up to 5mm long) are wingless, mottled pinkish-brown, with a tuft of white waxy filaments on the end of their abdomens informally known as fluffy bums. They occur on passionfruit vines, jasmine, kiwifruit, pumpkin, wisteria, citrus, hydrangea and red hot pokers. 

Like all planthoppers they suck plant sap and leave a honeydew secretion which promotes sooty mould.

Control weeds and prune vines to limit egg-laying sites.

Hose off hoppers. Apply an insecticide registered for use in home gardens, such as pyrethrum, carefully following the label. Sooty mould falls off once the honeydew source has gone.

Natural Enemies:
Tiny parasitic wasps sting passionvine hopper eggs. Lacewing larvae attack hopper nymphs.

Further reading from this excellent post from Yates.

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