Wot Woo, We Have An Executive!

Who’s Who in 2022

President Margaret Hunt has agreed to once again head up the committee for 2022, bringing a lot of experience gained since she first took to the chair as President in 2019.

Vice President Frank Punch has had a LOT of experience with garden clubs in the Dural area north of Sydney. This experience will be gold in the decision making for the Executive.

Secretary Lynda Hagar is our newest club member.  When she saw that the role of Secretary was up for grabs she enthusiastically put her hand up for the job. Members were very grateful to see such an enthusiastic person want to become a team member of the Executive.

Treasurer David Hunt (it has to be said), that there may well have been a little marital coercion here, however the future of the club was at the root of David’s decision to see the club move on in 2022 with a full Executive.


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