Up, up and away… airport gardening resumes

Team Leader Peter Kimber was pleased we were able to tend the airside gardens once again. Due to COVID restrictions we haven’t been able to continue with this Community involvement since early this year.

It was a top day in Coffs Harbour for gardening and the small band of Coffs Garden Club members were delighted to pick up the tools once again.

The gardens are looking in tip top form mainly due to the airport ground staff taking advantage of reduced aircraft movements and cutting things back ‘hard’ during the early months of COVID.  The regrowth from this has the gardens looking very lush indeed.

Also noted was that perhaps the problem with the hares has been eliminated, as Cordyline plants had growth and no evidence of being mauled!

The Coffs Harbour Regional airport gardens have entered the 2020 Spring Garden Competition and looking as good as they do at present these gardens will be worthy inclusions in the competition.

The only downside unfortunately, this usually very busy tourist hub is not seeing its accustomed through traffic, so there are not a lot of people actually seeing the gardens looking their best.

Team Leader Peter Kimber
Noeline tackling the big stuff
Geoff taking care of the weeds
Maria deadheading

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