Chickens, Trivia, Soup and Delicious Sweet Treats

Serene Surrounds

The combined outing for Woopi and Coffs Garden clubs was such fun and we were very fortunate that it was held in a quiet and serene setting. 

Seen here to the left are Jane D. and David B. enjoying the serenity while chatting.

Just check out these gorgeous girls in their own bit of paradise at Moonee Beach.

Sheena is a believer that if everyone raised chickens the world would be a better place – well her world certainly is!



The chicken taj mahal, some very, very happy chickens in this enclosure.




Looking most content…..

Lots of yummy sweet treats on offer for morning tea. Pictured left Janny H.

Thanks to all who prepared the sweet treats for the morning tea.

A very, very huge thank you to hosts David and Sheena, who opened up both their lovely garden and home to host the Trivia Soup Day.

President Margaret presented a Thank You gift box of goodies to Sheena and David for hosting the day, including some homemade condiments prepared by herself.

Pictured right: President Margaret H presenting the gift box to  Sheena and David.

Down to the serious part of the day - TRIVIA....

And for the winning table some terrific plants – sorry didn’t get an image of the winners.



It was a combined effort for the day, with many delicious soups on offer. The day had turned a little cool so the soup was most welcome too.

Sheena gave a very impressive demo of her latest gardening tool – a battery operated hand saw – she cut through that palm like a hot knife through butter.



Thank you to the many people who made this day such a success, especially to the Quiz Mistress herself – President Margaret. She did an awesome job and there were some very interesting questions asked.

A fantastic day and hope we can do this every winter, it was such fun!

Pictured right, the neat little signs that Margaret made.

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