2020 Spring Garden Competition

COVID lockdown has given gardeners in the greater Coffs Harbour Council Area the freedom to spend more time in their gardens. With this in mind, the Garden Club Executive thought it a heaven-sent opportunity to still conduct the Spring Garden Competition.

There may be changes to the prize pool as you can fully understand. Our local businesses have been hit hard and it would not be reasonable to expect the same level of support from the business community. It is however, a ‘not to be missed’ opportunity to showcase our Coffs Coast gardens.

Most Residential categories will be available:

Home garden, owner/occupier of Strata or Community Title Dwelling;

Home garden, block size up to 1000m2

Home garden, block size from 1001m2 to 4000m2

Home garden, block size over 4000m2

Home garden, maintained by entrants over 75 years of age

Home garden on rented property

Kerbside appeal garden

Vegetable Plot

Patio or Courtyard garden

WaterWise A – garden up to 1000m2

WaterWise B – garden over 1001m2

Community Categories available:

Whole Commercial garden (including gardens of tourist accommodation) and whole community gardens and churches

Whole garden of hospitals, clubs and commercially operated retirement estates and nursing homes

WaterWise C – whole garden of facility

You will note that there WILL NOT be a new home/new garden category this year, this a major difference to the competition.

The 2020 Spring Garden Competition will be launched the last Saturday in July (25th), this is when entries will be accepted. Coffs Harbour Garden Club have organised an out of area Residential/Industrial/Commercial judge who is really looking forward to seeing what the Coffs Coast has to offer in good gardening principles.

Entries will close the FIRST Friday in September (4th) with judging 13-15 September 2020 throughout the whole greater Coffs Harbour Council Area.

There will NOT be a Schools competition this year as their year has been so disruptive.  

Entry forms will become available 25th July 2020 from the Coffs Harbour Council website to download and paper entry forms can be picked up from local sponsor businesses around town – to be advised closer to that date. An online entry form will be available from this site.

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