Your Passionfruit Vine is NOT very passionate?

Passionfruit vines and lemon trees are habitual occupants in many backyards  Passionfruit vines are a bit like lemons – everyone who has a patch of garden ‘out the back’ would like to have them both growing. Imagery of these wondrous plants can often outstrip actuality – lemons seem to get every conceivable thing wrong with […]

Birds in Our Backyard

Our yard here on the Coffs Coast sees many bird visitors. They are a constant delight to observe. Some are more welcome than others so I guess we need to plant species that attract the birds that we’d most like to see. The following YouTube clip from Brad Walker has quite a few birds that […]

Australian Native Plants

Grevillea Scarlet Moon If you are looking for good, solid information about Australian Natives, the Australian Plants Society NSW Ltd is the place to go. It is a non-profit, independent, incorporated community organisation with members from over 20 friendly groups across NSW and overseas. Through the accumulated knowledge and widespread interests of its members, the […]

Growing Zucchini

This post has been made from a presentation from CHGC member Simon (aka the veggie guru).   A summer squash that can readily grow to a metre in length. It’s name comes from the Italian word “Zucca”, (pumpkin/squash), and “Ina”, (little). AKA as Courgette in France, UK, NZ, SE Asia and Scandinavia. Botanically, Zucchinis are […]

Organic Fungicides

As the temperature and humidity rises here on the Coffs Coast foliage diseases start to appear. The trick is to try and catch them before they take hold and set your plants back on their heels! Get into the habit of walking around every few days to remove anything that looks a bit dodgy, spotty […]

Is it a Weed?

After filling a bucket with this ‘stuff’ I sit down with a lovely cuppa to catch up on social media and what do I see? Apparently, Purslane (or Portulaca oleracea) is NOT a weed! This ground hugging, fleshy plant with yellow flowers originated from Persia and India and has done an excellent job of spreading throughout the […]

Eucharis Lily

Eucharis lily (Eucharis x grandiflora) also known as ‘Amazon lily’, is a graceful bulb that produces fragrant white flowers similar in shape to daffodils. It is a member of the Amaryllis family and was originally collected along the Rio Magdalena River.This low bulbous plant has broad, glossy green basal leaves and glistening white trumpet-shaped fragrant flowers […]

Cutting Flowers for a Vase

Flowers can say it all – ‘Get Well’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Thinking of you’ etc etc these sentiments are expressed eloquently just by extending a blooming bundle of flowers. In this post there will be mention of cutting, preparation, storing and day-to-day care of cut flowers. If we grow these flowers it is a […]

Common Citrus Problems

A few guidelines for good citrus health with some organic remedies: Keep an eye out for Bronze Orange Bugs – they often give away their presence by their foul smell. The young pale green nymphs appear in winter, their colour changing through orange to bronze as they grow into adults. They can be serious pests […]