Growing Wild Foods

The following article was written by Kate Wall for GardenDrum some years ago. She says ‘……… all of these plants – weeds, subtropical edibles and local natives, work so well in my style of food gardening – that being a forage through a somewhat wild but gloriously beautiful cottage garden laden with flowers, to find […]

Nutgrass – A Toughie to Crack

his weed will crack you if you don’t crack it….. Cyperus rotundas aka nutgrass is the bane of gardeners worldwide. It has various names – Java grass, purple nut sedge, Wintjiekweed or red grass, red nut sedge, Khmer kravanh chruk, Teki and Motha to name a few. This weed is actually referred to as being ‘the world’s […]

How to Prune a Pawpaw

The best time to prune is late winter or early spring, when the tree is dormant.. Corrective pruning consists of removing broken, interfering, dead, or diseased branches. Since pawpaw fruit is produced on new growth, annual pruning will stimulate new growth on older trees. The following advice for this post has been sourced from Gardening Australia January 2019 issue.  Phil Dudman suggests the […]

Cat’s Claw Creeper – Invasive Weed

Cat’s claw creeper is yet another escapee from the garden. This plant was introduced to Australia as a garden plant and has become a major weed of native forests of Australia. Its vigorous, climbing, woody stems cling to tree trunks, enabling it to grow into the forest canopy. It can grow in excess of 30 […]

Lantana – Invasive Weed

Lantana could perhaps be described as being Australia’s most debilitating invasive introduced weed. This shrub is native to Central and South America and readily grows into thickets. An ornamental garden plant, introduced into Australia around the 1840s, it quickly escaped domestic cultivation and within twenty (yes, 20) was established in the wild. By this time […]

Fallen Leaves

How can I use fallen leaves? At this time of year (early winter) we might have some fallen leaves that can be put to good use. Eucalypt leaves can be a bit tricky to break down and a great tip is to mix a tablespoon of Urea into 10 litres of water along with your […]

Pruning Crepe Myrtles

On the Coffs Coast there are few autumnal trees/shrubs which is perhaps why Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica) hold such swathe in our gardens here. By giving us a beautiful display of Autumn leaves, it is almost a must that our gardens have at least one for their leaf turning burst of colour alone. Crepe Myrtles […]

Your Passionfruit Vine is NOT very passionate?

Passionfruit vines and lemon trees are habitual occupants in many backyards  Passionfruit vines are a bit like lemons – everyone who has a patch of garden ‘out the back’ would like to have them both growing. Imagery of these wondrous plants can often outstrip actuality – lemons seem to get every conceivable thing wrong with […]