January Catchup

Our first combined Woolgoolga and Coffs Garden Clubs’ outing was to the Jetty area of Coffs Harbour – fantastic gardens and a very good roll up from both clubs.

Here is what happened at a recent event

We had such a lot of fun at the Garden Club’s 40th Anniversary celebrations – there were hats and speeches and cakes and shakers.    Jim’s plant sale was a cracker with hundreds of potted plants sold at bargain basement prices. There were thousands of free pots given away over the weekend.

January Catchup

We had such a good time at the recent January catchup – there were so many wonderful flower samples on display. It was a joy to be part of this extraordinary day.

October 2019 – Daylily

KINGDOM: PlantaeFAMILY: Hemerocallidaceae (hem err ohh kalahh DAY see eye)GENUS: Hemerocallis The daylily’s botanical name, Hemerocallis, means ‘beauty for a day’, and indeed most daylily flowers open in the morning and die by nightfall. However, each flower stem (also called a scape) typically has at least a dozen flower buds, so the plant stays in […]

2019 Christmas Function Details

It is all happening again! The 2019 Christmas Party will be held at the Greenhouse Tavern (on the corner of the Pacific Highway and Bray St). Come along at 12 for a 12:30pm start on Tuesday 10 December. There will be raffles, … including the drawing of the Mega Raffle (chainsaw, hedge trimmer and battery […]

Winning Gardens Open This Sunday

The gardens will be open this Sunday 22 September 2019 from 10am until 4pm. There will also be a list of open gardens in The Advocate tomorrow 21 Sep – this list will be the first placed gardens in the whole blocks entered in categories 1-6, new home/new garden, Waterwise A&B and all entrants in […]

Business end of the Comp

The judging is complete and it’s time to culminate all the scores and work towards organising for the Presentation Night. The night will kick off 7pm, 20 September 2019 at the Cavanbah Centre, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. After the presentation of awards and prizes the Garden Club will host a supper for all. Hope we […]

Presentation Night 2019

Happening at the Cavanbah Centre on Friday 20th September at 7:30pm. Light refreshments provided by the Club Committee. Any information ring Maria.


Part of the Bromeliad family, Tillandsias have many forms in cultivation and most produce brightly coloured appealing blooms on delicate flower spikes directly from the centre of each plant. These easy to grow, true ‘air plants’ are often used in display pieces on driftwood and tree branches. Perhaps the better known Tillandsias is ‘Old Man’s Beard’ Tillandsia […]

Brown Lace Lerp

The Brown Lace Lerp is an oval, flat and soft 4mm long critter. Their wings are transparent with a wing-span of 6mm. Brown Lace Lerp feed on Eucalyptus trees. They are a small psyllid that live under a small shell-like cover called a Lerp.  Adults appear in summer and lay batches of 50-100 eggs. Eggs […]